Chef Coty immigrated to Chicago from Bangkok, Thailand when he was 18 back in the 70s.  An influx of Thai immigrants emigrated during this period and an increase of Thai restaurants boomed all over the U.S.  He started his culinary career working at a hot dog stand his father owned on the Southside of Chicago and worked his way through several restaurants to provide for his family.  He perfected his techniques while on the banquet team at the Holiday Inn in the heart of downtown Chicago and dedicated a decade to providing 5 star dining experience for patients, guests and staff at Condell Hospital.  He’s a hard-working Chef who has won multiple ‘Employees of the Year’ awards throughout his career.  He’s a self taught Chef with a passion for cooking and has perfected his skills over a span of 30 years.  His determination, love, and taste for food have made mouth-watering combination.